Keep it basic! I am from Camden new York. My hobby is looking for, researching, and finding waterfalls. My goal is to see at least 20 waterfalls each year. My personal website contains only information and photos of waterfalls I personally have been to. New York State is my primary location. I also have other states included as well.

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  • Barnes Creek, Onanda Park

    1,03 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Grange Landing, New York (United States)

  • Washington County

    299,34 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Fort Miller, New York (United States)

  • Warren County

    262,9 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Girards Sugarbush, New York (United States)

  • St. Lawrence County

    349,43 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Backus, New York (United States)

  • Saratoga County

    243,75 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Ballards Mobile Home Court, New York (United States)

  • Oneida County

    307,46 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Gravesville, New York (United States)

  • Lewis County

    255,34 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de New Campbellwood Wye, New York (United States)

  • Herkimer County

    390,42 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de West Frankfort, New York (United States)

  • Hamilton County

    327,21 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Eagle Bay, New York (United States)

  • Fulton County

    175,58 quilòmetres - Moderat

    a prop de Sammonsville, New York (United States)