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Data de pujada 1 / de novembre / 2013

Data de realització de novembre 2013

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a prop de Livádion, South Aegean (Greece)

Greek sailing Odyssey Day 6 - Serifos (Livadi) to Kithnos (Merikha harbour) . One hell of a sail. Blowing 28 knots from the north with 4-5m swell straight out of the north as well.

Livadi harbour Serifos

Exercise care when anchoring on the southern side of this harbour wall. It shallows very quickly where you will drop your anchor (close to the town quay wall)

Merikha harbour Kithnos

Merikha harbour Kithnos

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  • Simon Jivenation 04/11/2013

    Serifos in this pic -make sure you moor to the south side of that harbour wall when the wind is blowing! Check out the difference on each side of this photo https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/greek-sailing-odyssey-day-6-serifos-livadi-to-kithnos-merikha-5544339#wp-5544340/photo-2924711

  • Simon Jivenation 04/11/2013

    This was an INCREDIBLE day for sailing, strong steady breezy of 20 to 24 knots, some stronger gusts, and we had to tack in quite a decent sized swell. Fabulous day on the water.

  • Foto de JamesG

    JamesG 05/11/2013

    Sailed the whole way (except the first 0.5NM from dock to south Eastern point of Kithnos). Boom!

  • Foto de Sailor Jaffa

    Sailor Jaffa 05/11/2013

    You can easily sail all the way into the harbour here when the Meltemi is blowing. Just beware of ferries and keep a look out astern when coming in!!

    WARNING - At Serifos harbour it gets very very shallow (< 2.0m) if you anchor and go stern to on the south side of the harbour wall. No problems against the actual harbour wall (about 4m depth) but it shoals quickly down to 1.0m towards the town quay wall (i.e. where you will lay your anchor)

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