Coordenades 431

Data de pujada 8 / d’octubre / 2015

Data de realització d’octubre 2015

1.444 m
813 m
7,7 km

Vista 888 vegades, descarregada 3 vegades

a prop de Mont Rodeix, Auvergne (France)

This is a new railway built 2012. Lots of facilities at the top but you cannot actually get to the highest point due to the weather station. We were unlucky with the weather but it was worth the trip. Cost of return at the time of writing was about 10 Euros. There are lots of footpaths at the top to wander around.
25-SEP-15 11:33:12
25-SEP-15 11:38:23
25-SEP-15 12:02:36


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