Temps en moviment  3 hores 40 minuts

Temps  8 hores 10 minuts

Coordenades 2773

Data de pujada 25 / de juliol / 2018

Data de realització de juliol 2018

1.773 m
539 m
15,86 km

Vista 44 vegades, descarregada 2 vegades

a prop de Wildenstein, Carinthia (Austria)

There is a parking lot at the trail head which is about 1 km from the main road.
The waterfall can be reached in 20 min of easy-moderate hike. From there on the trail starts to be steep. I made a detour where I crossed a bridge over the stream that becomes the waterfall, but I could not find anything interesting on the other side.
The trail crosses a dirt-road several time and in many places trees fell on the trail that I had to climb over. It made the hike very difficult.

When I reached the trail that goes from Eisenkappeler hütte to Hochobit I turned around. It was getting late and I already visited both the hut and the peak the day before. In any case the sign at that point say: 1h 5 min to reach the peak (it took me about 1:30 the day before), and 15 min to the hut.
On the way down whereever it was possible I walked on the dirt-road to avoid climbing over the trees again.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.