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Data de pujada 31 / de gener / 2017

Data de realització de gener 2017

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39,27 km

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a prop de Stephen, British Columbia (Canada)

Traverse of Waputik/Wapta icefields from Sherbrooke to Bow lakes. Being a popular winter ski route, this astonishing trek through the icefields is rarely completed in summer (once per 1-2 years, according to the hut log books) due to its remoteness, potential winter-like conditions and clear self-dependence. Alpine Club of Canada huts along the route is a pure gift.
Park first car near the inn
Finish at Bow lake parking lot (second car is parked here)
Climb the packed snow cornice. Steep slopes.
Balfour hut, stay overnight
A narrow crevass. Watch out.
A giant crevass, rope up, keep left, cross on snow bridges


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.