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Coordenades 1746

Data de pujada 27 / de setembre / 2018

Data de realització de setembre 2018

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1.066 m
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a prop de Ech Chattoûh, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Wadi el Salib again and again. I've been there tens of times but i still enjoy walking or running in this valley. Some trails are still unexplored (Christ trail and Jouar trail): i tried to explore these 2 trails many times but they are not marked and not clear at all. I have to go there with someone looking for some adventure to mark the trail and clear the thick bushes (anyone?). There is a shortcut that takes you directly to the wooden bridge and old houses (check waypoint). Sceneries in autumn are beautiful. The riverbed is still dry at this time of the year. Waiting for the rain to let the river flow again.
I never found this trail!!
Riverbed dry
Continue straight if you want to go to Qleiat

3 comentaris

  • Foto de Olivier Boudart

    Olivier Boudart 06/03/2019

    Hey Rami, did you find someone to help you with project ? I am in! Olivier

  • Foto de Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 06/03/2019

    Hey Olivier! Im in as well! We have to do it before spring! 😎

  • Foto de Olivier Boudart

    Olivier Boudart 18/03/2019

    Hey Rami, I sent you a mail yesterday with my WhatsApp.

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