Temps  4 hores 44 minuts

Coordenades 932

Data de pujada 17 / de gener / 2016

Data de realització de gener 2016

1.117 m
603 m
10,07 km

Vista 4595 vegades, descarregada 101 vegades

a prop de Ech Chattoûh, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

i was discovering new trails, went on to find hidden places and old small bushy tracks, as you can see in the beginning
i uploaded this trail for those who want to continue discovering further than i did.
1rst trail was full of thorns and bushes, will have to go again with cutters
2nd stone uphill was a little dangerous, still found traces of people up there, i wish i could have reached the summit but it was too hard, will give it a second try and upload later
after that i followed the known trail and back for a little fun
(I give away all my tracks in order to spread the love of my country Lebanon
if you find trash on the way, please pick it up, help keep clean :)
Path way
Bush walking
uphill Rocks
Hunter nest?
Old house
Centier du Christ
Wadi el salib
Old house
Old big house
Bird nest
El mabrak
Tree passage
Green road to heaven
Cave or well
King's crown


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