Temps en moviment  4 hores 21 minuts

Temps  6 hores 59 minuts

Coordenades 2021

Data de pujada 20 / de juliol / 2019

Data de realització de juliol 2019

1.400 m
661 m
11,48 km

Vista 54 vegades, descarregada 1 vegades

a prop de Gersau, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

The peak high above Vitznau and Gersau is 1,451 m a.s.l. and is one of the many peaks that can be scaled on Mt. Rigi.
We decided to park our car just above Gersau and to start on the western side of the mountain.
We used a second map as not all the trails were not visible in wikiloc.
The panoramic view is certainly worth the effort. There is a huge cross almost at the very top, which looks out across Lake Lucerne and watches over Vitznau. Residents of both Vitznau and Gersau view this peak as their local mountain, which is why it is named after both towns.

The path is secured with ropes on a few sections, which is quite helpful given the muddy state of the steep path.


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