Temps  8 hores 3 minuts

Coordenades 2674

Data de pujada 12 / de juny / 2018

Data de realització de juny 2018

2.395 m
1.295 m
18,4 km

Vista 170 vegades, descarregada 12 vegades

a prop de Vernashen, Vayotsʼ Dzor (አርሜኒያ)

An alternative route to get to Spitakavor from Yeghegnadzor (we took a taxi to Vernashen) which also includes a spectacular mountain with a ruins on its top. Once again we were totally perplexed by the hospitality of the locals as we were literally forced to stay for coffee and a small talk at the shepherds’ hut for a couple of times (anyway god bless those kind and affable “babushkas”).

The trail to the ruins of Boloraberd/Proshaberd fort suddenly vanishes halfway up the narrow valley so it’s up to everybody how to climb it. We idiotically chose the most difficult scramble straight up the steep hill covered with thorny shrubs and rocks. It would be more appropriate to hike the valley higher up and then turn left and follow the opposite slope all the way to the place where the path to the fort diverts from the main road.


Arquitectura religiosa



    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.