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5 de gener de 2017

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de gener 2017
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611 m
558 m
1,19 km

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a prop de Silver City (historical), Nevada (United States)

(C) Denis LeBlanc

The Fire Wave is one of the highlights of Valley of Fire State Park, and it is an easy hike that most will be able to complete. Navigation is easy as the trail is well marked with reflector posts, and some of the "trail" is just cross-country travel from post to post. Much of the trail is either on soft sand or bare rock slopes, so it is not suitable for the mobility impaired.

The parking lot is on the north side of White Domes Road, labeled "Parking Lot #3." The trailhead is across the road and the trail heads south. The first part of the trail is in deep sand, and it winds between and around huge red stone bluffs. The way in continues mostly downhill until the base of the Fire Wave rock structure is reached. Then it is a gradual uphill across colorfully-striped sandstone slopes until the saddle is reached and the Fire Wave itself can be seen below after 0.6 miles of walking.

The fire wave is a wonderland for the photographer and rock hopper (though technical rock climbing is not allowed in this area). Surrounded by yellow, orange, pink, and red rocks of amazing shapes, the Fire Wave folds on itself in picturesque, taffy-like curves. Much time can be spent exploring this area, and an hour before sunset and and hour after sunrise are particularly beautiful times to visit due to the orientation of the surrounding hills.

Note: all areas of the park except the campground and their immediate vicinity are closed after sunset until sunrise.

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Rainbow Wave

Also called Fire wave







Rock views

Rock views


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