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a prop de Ma Wan Chung, Islands (Hong Kong)

Hike from Tung Chung bus station to Ngong Ping monastery and the Tian Tan buddha. The way up is made mostly of stairs and it's a pretty hard climb. In hot weather be sure to bring lots of water, as it can get quite humid.

After Ngong Ping the route takes a loop around Nel Lak Shan Peak following Nel Lak Shan Country Trail, then back to the stairs and repeat the final climb to reach Ngong Ping. This part of the route could easily be skipped, if not eager to see the area around the peak.

Finally the hike back to Tung Chung follows the other side of the mountain. At first it follows a nicely paved track, which I recommend to be followed all the way down, however what I did is leave the main track to take a single trail that descends quite brutally cutting across forest and bushes, probably a less enjoyable experience than having followed the main track.


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