Temps en moviment  3 hores 44 minuts

Temps  5 hores 30 minuts

Coordenades 2138

Data de pujada 28 / d’agost / 2018

Data de realització d’agost 2018

2.811 m
2.138 m
10,58 km

Vista 139 vegades, descarregada 4 vegades

a prop de Ausserholligen, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

This trail starts from the parking at the base of the dam (2130m) and goes all the way up to Col de Roux (2804m).
Then it goes down and behind the Mont Blava and continues on the left side of the Torrent de Chenna. This route is probably the less used by the hikers, not very clean but nothing to be scared of. It's still safe.
Very old path. Not safe, do not use. Stay on the blue/white&red trail


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.