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a prop de Goldberg, Carinthia (Austria)

It's possible to get up here from St. Daniel. It's a well signed path (Goldberg). The gravel road it's open from 1st of June to 30th of September. Park the car inside the farm.
I don't climb so this hiking path gives you opportunity to reach some summit and mainly observe from high magnificent Alps mountains. Hoher Trieb, Creta di Timau and spectacular Hohe Warte to the south in Carinthia range. Also the Hochstadel and Grubenspitzel mountains to the west (near Oberdrauburg). I don't know the names of other mountains to the north/north-west... If you like mountain photography this is a must. Don't forget binoculars. Nice views to the valleys. With good weather it's possible to see the high mountains of the north/north-west Alps with permanent snow.
It's not challanging hiking. It's also well signed and intuitive so the GPS it's not necessary. If you don't want to walk through loose stones don't follow all the track. Once you are there and take a look to the area you can do also the same as I did but instead of walk in loose stones go down to the farm and get Torkofel signed path. Waypoints with images.
Have fun & take care!!


Image: views to the north-west (to Oberdrauburg).


If you don't want to walk through loose stones get down to the farm. Image: views to Torkofel.


Left to Torkofel summit. Right to Mitterkofel. Image: Torkofel last meters.


I've already lost a dog climbing so I don't do it anymore. I went to easy Mitterkofel. 1st image: path to Mitterkofel. 2nd image: Hohe Warte mountain and Kotschach town. 3rd image: Torkofel views. 4th image: Spitzkofel and Reibkofel views.


Park inside the farm.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.