79,43 km

Desnivell positiu

5.788 m

Dificultat tècnica

Molt difícil

Desnivell negatiu

5.128 m

Altitud màxima

3.221 m


73 5

Altitud mínima

1.757 m

Tipus de ruta

Només anada

Temps en moviment

12 hores 47 minuts


3 dies 19 hores



Data de pujada

25 de maig de 2018

Data de realització

de maig 2018
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3.221 m
1.757 m
79,43 km

Vista 2319 vegades, descarregada 26 vegades

a prop de Xiaqiaotou, Yunnan (China)

First day : I paid 65 yuans for the entrance ticket and I walked 2 hours from the road up to Naxi Guesthouse.
Second day : 5-6 hours walk to Halfway
Third day : 4 hours walk to Walnut Grove Hostel
Fourth day : 7 hours walk to the East and down to the main road. (I lost the track many times. Other people also get lost but took only 6 hours. )From there, I hitchhiked to Haba.
Fifth day : 2 hours walk in Haba Valley (actually, you can check on, there are many tracks starting from Haba, there is also a guesthouse in Mt Haba base camp).

My favorite part of the track was from Halfway to Walnut Grove (day 3), but you must be fit and not afraid of high. The track turns out being a via ferrata sometimes.
The easiest part of the track is from Tea Horse GH to Tina GH (what most of the people do).
If I had to the hike again, I would start directly in Tea Horse Guesthouse (from the main road to Tea Horse Guesthouse, it takes 5 hours only going up and it is not really beautiful).
So I would walk the first day from Tea Horse GH to Walnut Grove Hostel.
The second day, I would walk to Ennu village (with a guide or trying to find the way by myself, it does not look so steep or difficult) and hitchhike to Haba.
On the third day, I would walk to Haba Mount Base Camp (7 hours) and sleep there.
On the fourth day, I would go to the summit or just come back down to Haba.

Almost all the guesthouse have wifi along the way. The food prices are reasonable, so I would recommand to not carry food (less weight). You need to carry a big bottle of water because you will find water all along the way, except after Walnut Grove !

Ticket checking


Naxi guesthouse

Dorm 30 Yuan Fried rice 15 yuan Dishes from 15 to 35 Yuan Pancake 20 Yuan

Tea Horse guesthouse


5 Fingers Guesthouse

No dorm Room with double bed 50 yuan/room (negotiable) Soup = 10 to 20 Yuan 10 dumplings = 10 yuan Pancake = 12 yuan

Walnut Grove Hostel

Dorm 30 Yuan Fried rice 15 Yuan Pancake 20 Yuan Baba bread 6 Yuan Apple 3 Yuan

Empty glad platform

1h30 from Walnut Grove Hostel (don't try to follow my itinerary or the wikiloc itinerary because it was wrong. Just follow the path and the green arrows)



Good spot for camping

but no water


It took me 4 hours from Walnut Grove Hostel

Wrong way


Chinese poem



It took me 6hours to arrive here from Walnut Grove Hostel. I was planning to walk to Ennu but I am already tired so I will just go down to the valley

First house of the day

In case you need to fill up your bottle of water, you can ask here



New road



It takes only 45 minutes to walk down until the main road. In total, It took me 7 hours to walk from Walnut Grove to here (including lunch break and all the times I lost the track). I hitchhiked easily from the road to Haba village.

International youth hostel

Dorm 30 yuan Room 60 yuan Banana pancake 12 yuan (There is also an other hostel called Kaka Hostel.It looks better but there was nobody when I went there).

View of Haba Mountain


Lanjacun village


End of the treck

It took me 2 hours to walk up and down from Haba to Lanjiacun. Nice little walk with people working by hand in the wheat fields and a view on Mount Haba

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