• Foto de Slovakia,Low Tatras, February 2012
  • Foto de Slovakia,Low Tatras, February 2012
  • Foto de Slovakia,Low Tatras, February 2012
  • Foto de Slovakia,Low Tatras, February 2012
  • Foto de Slovakia,Low Tatras, February 2012
  • Foto de Slovakia,Low Tatras, February 2012

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a prop de Liptovská Porúbka, Žilinský (Slovenská republika)

Low Tatras
Larger in area, lower in elevation, less known to foreigners than the High Tatras, the Low Tatras lie at the heart of Slovakia. Its main points of attraction are its beautiful green valleys, its challenging but very manageable ridges - and none of the crowds of Slovakia's better-known destinations.
Appearing more like "big hills" than "small mountains", the Low Tatras are in every way a low-key alternative to the alpine-class High Tatras. For example:
For hikers, the highest altitudes are not as high as in the High Tatras, although many mountaintops and paths still run above the tree line. There are several points above 2000 meters above sea level, while the High Tatras boast over twenty peaks above 2500 meters.
While you are hiking in the summer, you will see far fewer people than in the High Tatras, where it seems there is always someone else around. The Low Tatras more often leave you alone with nature.
If you hike in the off-season, you may hike for hours or even all day and never see another human being.
The "touristy" facilities in the High Tatras are fewer and further between in the Low Tatras. The down side to this is that it may be harder to find facilities you want (like equipment rentals, a wide choice of restaurants, shops, etc.) The positive side, of course, is that there is little clutter from too many touristy activities. At the same time, anything you are likely to need or want is probably available, though it may take more time to get it.
Another interesting fact about the Low Tatras is that almost 200 thousand hectares are state-protected, making it the largest protected area throughout the international stretch of the Carpathians. This area is almost 100 km long east-to-west, and generally about 35 km wide north-to-south.
Source: www.slovakia.com
Our hiking tour: It´s a moderate hiking tour into a habitat of predators living in the national park of Low Tatras. Tracks of bears, wolves, foxes and lynx can be found in this area.
The largest predator of the area - brown bear - inhabits the park in quite large numbers. However, it rarely shows up on the main ridge, living mainly in the lower part of Low Tatras. The best thing to do is to try and avoid it by not leaving marked trails and, if camping, storing food away (at least 200 meters) from the tent.
When doing the hike you should also watch your water supplies - the main trail runs
along the main ridge, where there are no streams and drinking water is always a few hours walk away.
How to get there:
By car (from Kosice or Poprad): exit from the motorway D1on exit Podbanske/ Liptovsky Hradok, drive through Liptovsky Peter and follow a sign to Liptovsky Hradok. The town centre is situated up to 10 km from the highway.
By bus: There is a good connection to L.Hradok. You can choose from various bus operators. The journey form Poprad takes around50 min. and costs 2,60€. If you decide to take a bus from Liptovsky Mikulas, expect to pay 0,90€ and it takes you up to 20 min.
By train: The state rail service(ZSR) will take you to the town from surrounging towns. You don´t have to book in advance. ZSR offers 1st- and economy class tickets.
-From Poprad: rail service runs frequently( every hour) and costs about 2,60 €
-from Liptovsky Mikulas: Trains run every hour in peak hours. Ticket costs 0,80€
Liptovsky Hradok has a reasonable selection of accommodation to suit any budget. Although Grand castle offer mainly expensive option, there is a broad variety within walking distance.
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