Temps  4 hores 15 minuts

Coordenades 678

Data de pujada 12 / de març / 2017

Data de realització de març 2017

309 m
35 m
8,54 km

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a prop de Ch’ŏngp’ail-tong, Seoul (South Korea)

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A partir de l'estació de tren de Seül, la pista puja a Namsan per la sendera / escales del seu costat oest. La ruta segueix una part del restaurat mur de la ciutat de Seül. Passa la "Namsan Baekbeom Plaza", el "Patriot An Jung-juen Museum" i l'estació de pires de senyal en el camí cap a la cimera i la torre de Seül. Les vistes des de la base de la torre són fantàstiques. Hi ha cafè, moniatos torrats i molt més. Sens dubte, la torre proporcionaria una experiència més espectacular de la ciutat (quota d’entrada). El recorregut avall comença seguint la carretera fins a la parada d'autobusos a la banda de llevant de la Torre, després per una sendera i una carretera per a vianants cap a l'estació de Seül. La calçada per a vianants passa un restaurant coreà de qualitat Michelin en un edifici tradicional de fusta, on s’ofereixen grans bols d’arròs coreà.

Hi ha un telefèric alternatiu d’accés a la torre de Seül, des del seu costat nord, i l’accés mitjançant Public City Bus pel seu costat est (Bus té diversos centenars de metres de pujada moderadament forta per una carretera de vianants, gòndola a 100 m amb poca o cap pujada). ).
Parada de tren

Seoul Station

This track starts in the main lobby of the Seoul Train Station, upper level. Track was recorded using the off-line south Korean map download, which shows features including popular walking routes that are missing from Google Maps.
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Escalators down into subway mall

A pedestrian overpass was under construction (March 2017) and not yet open, so the track goes down escalators to the underground mall, and passes under the main street to the east of Seoul Station. This way-point is located at the top of the two escalators going down to the subway (lines 1 and 4) and the underground mall network. The track follows the mall to the east, and emerges from Exit 8, heading towards the Hilton Hotel and Casino. The Sungnyemun Gate is also in this direction and this is visited on the return from Namsan Hill. There is plenty of local subway wall art, much more interesting than advertisements.
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Subway mall exit #8.

Most of the subway art is towards this exit.

Shortcut past the Casino

Our host took us directly to the base of Namsan stairs via a shortcut, proceeding up a curved ramp near the Casino entrance. The stairway can also be accessed via sidewalks on the main streets. There are views back towards the old Seoul Railway Station (now a museum) from this area.

Entrance to Namsan Hill stairway

At the corner there is a small plaza with a Namsan Park sign and a park map. The stairs proceed directly upwards from there.

Restored Seoul City Wall

Take first path branching off to right to access the wall path.

Namsan Baekbeom Plaza

Civic art, large flat plaza area.

Patriot An Jeng-geun Memorial Hall

Museum, and inscription stones in Chinese and Korean. Some have English translations.

Stairs to Tower

This section has a steeper, more continuous stair climb to the top station of the Cable Car and base of the Seoul Tower. the stairs traverse native forest with some steep granite rock outcrops. Views open up to the south and west.

Photo Island

Side trail accesses a deck with panoramic city views to north.

Signal fire station and cable car top station

The location of signal pyres used by city defenders in the ancient times. These are restored and guarded by soldiers in period uniform and armament. The Cable Car comes up from the north foot of the mountain to near this location.

North Seoul Tower

Coffee, Korean orange tea, roast sweet potatoes, and many other things are available around the base of the Tower. A more spectacular 360 degree view is surely available up the Tower, with admission fee.

Bus stop to east of the Tower

Public buses provide an alternate way up or down or both. Access road is apparently a mountain bicycle training route.

Foot trail going down.

The Trail passes through native forests. Several short staircase sections. views of City and Seoul Tower on way down.

Pedestrian Roadway around north side of Namsan Hill

Mostly flat or gentle slopes along this easy walking roadway. The small streams coming off Namsan have ice falls in winter. A Korean folk-heritage village can be accessed on foot from near this way-point. However, it's not included on this track. This might add a 3 to 5 kms and take several more hours.

Hill Shrine

Detailed description on attached photo.

Michelin Rank Korean Restaurant

A small menu of traditional Korean dishes including rice bowls (Bimibap). Not expensive, simple self service. We got a small private room. Building is traditional all wood construction.
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Pedestrian road exits Namsan Hill Park, route joins a traffic street, broad sidewalks.


Main Street Crossing

This is one of the two significant street crossings on route. A signal-controlled, striped pedestrian crosswalk. Proceed to right of building on opposite side.

Sungnyemun Gate

One of the restored ancient City Gates. A top Korea heritage site. The guard change ceremony was on at the time of our visit (mid-afternoon).


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