Temps  un dia una hora 22 minuts

Coordenades 799

Data de pujada 9 / d’agost / 2015

Data de realització d’agost 2015

2.466 m
511 m
4,64 km

Vista 2162 vegades, descarregada 24 vegades

a prop de Schwägalp, Kanton Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Swiss Confederation)

A gruelling 3.5 hour walk up 1200m of non-stop trail. Views are fantastic; comfort with heights a must. Suprisingly, there are no exposed areas, including the last 75m up a rock face.
The point where two trails to Santis meet.

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  • Foto de SalvaFergo

    SalvaFergo 13/05/2018

    Hello Gulyasal,

    Great report of this ascent!
    We are a couple looking forward climb Santis, I saw some ferratas vias, I am quite afraid about it, do you think that these vias are difficult for a beginner? I mean, do you need to pass or climb any rock? Is everything walkable?

    I really appreciate your comments.

    Thanks in advance


  • Foto de gulyasal

    gulyasal 13/05/2018

    It's all rock. You must be very comfortable with heights. While the level of difficulty is medium (2.5 - B), there is climbing. As with any via ferrata, there are ladders/rungs in the rock which you can use to climb, and there is often something to connect your harness to. If this is your first time in the region, I would recommend that you do the hike from Schwagalp to Santis, to familiarize yourself with the terrain. Even with this hike, there is a short climb up a "ladder" at the very end of the hike. It's a good starting hike for the region. Hope you enjoy your visit!

  • Foto de SalvaFergo

    SalvaFergo 13/05/2018

    Thanks for your comment, I will take your advice.


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