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a prop de Corujeira de Dentro, Madeira (Portugal)

Monte (Corujeira) - Ponte do Pisão - Galerias dos Tornos Altos - Centro Temático da Água - Ribeira de Santa Luzia - Salto do Patagarro

-The Patagarro is one of the 8 species of seabird that nests in the Madeira archipelago. Know more by searching for the Project Puffinus.
-There is no trail in the Ribeira de Santa Luzia section. You have to improvise, having to cross the river several times.
-To get there, there are other alternatives but this is probably the easiest.
-The location has weak GPS signal.
-The difficulty of this trail depends on the flow of the stream. During the summer months access may be simpler but the waterfall may be dry. Analyze the conditions and don't take risks.
-The course must be done only with good weather conditions.
-You should bring water, food, clothing and appropriate footwear (extra clothing in case you get wet).
-The use of walking poles is recommended.
-Parking - Salto do Patagarro (waterfall) - Parking: 9 km, 4h


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