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Data de pujada 27 / de març / 2012

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a prop de Redland, Scotland (United Kingdom)

I started my trekk taking the bus in Kirkwall to Tingwall ferry station. There I took the ferry to Rousay. The first that you can see is the Trumland house, is a Victorian Scottish Baronial style mansion (1876). After that you walk around 1 mile and you find the Taversoe Tuick. It's a rare two-storied cairn. Around 1.5 miles walking you find Knowe of Yarso Cairn which is an important deposit of Neolithic tombs. Then you walk around 2,5 miles and you can see the spectacular Westness Walk, described as the most important archaeological mile in Scotland it spans settlements from the first Stone Age settlers, te Pictish Iron Age, the Viking invaders, the period of the Earls and the troubled crofting times. Midhowe Broch & Cairn (which is near) is a fine example of fortified dwelling built during the Bronze/Iron Ages; the Stone Age cairn is the largest known of its kind and is protected by a modern building. Then the walk passes around fabulous scenerys and you can enyoy a lot as me...


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