Temps  2 hores

Coordenades 895

Data de pujada 28 / de maig / 2016

Data de realització de maig 2016

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337 m
68 m
5,06 km

Vista 2057 vegades, descarregada 56 vegades

a prop de Sanalvò, Sardegna (Italia)

Nice hike up to Punta Bella Vista, an excellent viewpoint of the coast with among others Isola Tavolara, Capo Coda Cavallo, Isola Molara, and Golfo Aranci in the distance. It makes for some nice exercise after lying on the beach… Largely on easily negotiated unpaved roads, but about 800 m before the top, the trail starts to get overgrown with bushes and is partly flushed away by a stream coming down the path. For this stretch long pants are recommended to avoid scratches from the bushes.
The hike starts on the road from Vaccileddi to Santa Giusta, the SP87 (82 m). There is nearby parking along the road. A badly maintained unpaved road takes you up to a crossing with another unpaved road at 162 m. Here is a small farm with free-ranging pigs. You turn left and continue ascending to about 210 m. Here the unpaved road ends and a trail continues which shortly after starts to get overgrown with bushes. Also, the trail is partly flushed away. The trail zigzags up to about 332 m where you turn left to get to the viewpoint. The viewpoint is on a set of rocks. There is a little cross in a makeshift wooden house here. The view is magnificent and it is great to stay here for a while. Do not forget your binoculars!
When you have seen enough you go back to the path. Here I went a bit further to the highest point of the hill at about 337 m, but it is difficult to get there through the bushes and scrambling on the rocks, and the view is less good, so you might as well skip it and return along the same route to the starting point.
No facilities on the way.

Highest Point

Highest point of the hill at 337 m. It is difficult to get here; the path is overgrown with bushes and you have to scramble a bit. You could skip it, because the view from the viewpoint is better.
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Pig Farm

There is a farm here with free-ranging pigs on the crossroads of unpaved roads.

Punta Bella Vista

This is the viewpoint with unimpeded views along the coast from Golfo Aranci to Porto Brandinchi. Especially the view of Isola Tavolara and Porto di Taverna is good. The viewpoint is on a set of rocks on which you have to scramble. There is a makeshift wooden house with a cross and a Mary statue.
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Start of overgrown path

Here the path starts being overgrown with bushes and starts going up a bit steeper. It zigzags to the top.

2 comentaris

  • jeremie.devred 08/08/2018

    He fet aquesta ruta  veure detalls

    Beautiful trail, rather simple indeed. Don’t forget to wear pants as we were wearing shorts and got our legs all bruised and wounded by some pretty aggressive bushes.
    Also, keep in mind that the trail disappears halfway (too many bushes to follow) and starts again 50/100meters after, you’ll have to take all your courage with you.
    Eventually, the panorama over the whole bay and Costa Esmeralda is worth it. Absolutely stunning !

  • Foto de Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 14/08/2018

    Hello Jeremie, thank you for your review, and glad you liked it. It is indeed not ideal with shorts....

Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.