Temps  3 hores 27 minuts

Coordenades 757

Data de pujada 19 / de setembre / 2016

Data de realització de setembre 2016

156 m
23 m
11,88 km

Vista 516 vegades, descarregada 6 vegades

a prop de Tattons Corner, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

Marked in yellow Grand Manan's North Trail runs east/west across the northern portion of the island to a point where it intersects the red trail which runs north/south along the west coast of the island. At this point one time an option to return via blue trail would loop back to start point, however this section of the blue trail has since been closed.

Veure més external

A major trail intersection where yellow, red and blue trails converge.
A beautiful remote stone washed beach which is said to have treasure buried by the notorious pirate Captain Kidd. See link for information to the amazing story.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.