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a prop de Ault a' chruinn, Scotland (United Kingdom)

1. Sgùrr Fhuaran - 1,067m (Munro)
2. Sgùrr na Càrnach - 1,002m (Munro)
3. Sgùrr na Ciste Duibhe - 1,027m (Munro)
4. Sàileag - 956m (Munro)
5. Sgùrr a'Bhealaich Dheirg - 1,036m (Munro)
6. Aonach Meadhoin - 1,001m (Munro)

Before you start, note:
1. This trail is one-way along the ridge. There are generally three options to get back to the start:
* Bus: there are buses that run along the A87 which you can catch between the Cluanie Inn and Ault a'chruinn (often at driver's discretion), but they are very sparsed out throughout the day. If you plan on using the buses it's worth checking the timetable in advance and making sure you plan your day accordingly.
* Walk: A further challenge for those who haven't had enough walking for the day is to walk along the A87 back to the start: about 16km, mostly downhill.
* Hitch: Given that the A87 is on a major route to Skye, unless you're going down very late in the day there will be traffic going in the direction of the starting point. It is possible, with no guarantees, that if you hitch someone would be willing to give you a short lift back. The Cluannie Inn car park and petrol station are a good place for hitching as there is plenty of space for cars to pull over.

2. This trail combines the Five Sisters part and the Brothers part of the ridge. Thus, it is possible to cut it short (about half) by descending the vague steep path down to the obvious car park from the lowest point between Sgùrr na Ciste Duibhe and Sàileag.

3. The trail can be done in either direction but the benefit of doing it from West to East is that your final stop is at the Cluanie Inn. Provided you have a plan how to get back to the start and are not in a rush, this provides an excellent opportunity to have a well deserved meal and a beer.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.