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Coordenades 232

Data de pujada 9 / de desembre / 2018

Data de realització de desembre 2018

1.665 m
1.022 m
8,07 km

Vista 117 vegades, descarregada 4 vegades

a prop de Brand, Vorarlberg (Austria)

Why worthwhile? Nice forest climb, quiet and beautiful view from Niggenkopf towards Zimba and Brandner Mittagsspitze.

Starting point: Bus stop Hotel Schesaplana, Brand. Small parkinglot (parkingspace also available in the neighbourhood) [Brandnertal - Brand 1037m.]

Time: about 4 hours

Difficulty Rating: 2

Details: climb through the forest over well marked paths. Sometimes reasonably steep, however well worn out and not tough or difficult. With a bit of condition, fairly doable. It is also possible to take the Niggenkopfbahn (chair lift) to the top of the Niggenkopf. From the Niggenkopf over a broad path to the Palüd Hütte (mountain hut). From here over a broad provisions road downwards (thick layer of gravel and pebble on the road). After a while off the provisions road via a small mountain path called 'Glingaweg' back to Brand.

Route description:

We start at Hotel Schesaplana. If we stand in front of it, a narrow path runs left past the hotel. After 15 metres we cross a small hardened road and walk on upwards past a small creek at our left (signs Niggenkopf, Thürmerweg). After several metres we already have a nice view over the village. The path continues upwards and goes right in to a small forest. After a while we reach a junction. To the right the Thürmerweg continues, but we go left here (westwards) further up through the forest. After a while we reach another junction (junction with Bügmiweg) after crossing a small wooden bridge. Here we go further up northern (right) (sign Niggenkopf). Now we are on the Niggenkopf Waldweg. It takes us in hairpins further up, sometimes through an open space, but often through the forest. The climb isn't dangerous but in some spots a little bit steeper.

After a climb of 1,5 hours we have reached the top. We go further mountain upwards, underneath the ski-elevator. After several tenfold metres we see a path going left. We take it and walk over a broad path to the Palüd Hütte, where we have a nice view of our surroundings. After a break at the cabin we go on in western direction towards the Palüd Alpe, that is already visible from here. Further past Ghf Melkboden over a provisions road down. We always keep the right hand side of the Palüdbahn (also a chair lift, but this one is closed in the summer). After a sturdy decent we reach a junction towards the Zalimtal and the Oberzalim Hütte. We go further downwards (signs 'Brand', eastern direction), but after a few minutes we need to look out for a junction on the right hand side towards a small mountain path (Glingaweg). This hardly used mountain path runs through the quiet forest beneath the Mittelberg and Mottakopf, After a while we reach the provisions road again. which we left earlier on. We now follow it downwards back to Brand. In the neighbourhood of the valley station of the Palüdbahn we emerge and walk in to the village. And after some time we reach our starting point.

Done in 1995.


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