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a prop de Talley, Wales (United Kingdom)

Mynydd Cynros 329m: This starts at Talley north of Llandeilo. This is a beautiful village setting famed for its ruined abbey. The village does lack parking however, there is a small car park outside the abbey (3-4 cars) and near the toilets a 100 yards further on (2-3 cars).
By the toilets is a gate where a number of local trails starts. Basically walk through the gate and walk up the forest track. The trail splits after a few hundred meters so stay right, this trails soon starts to zig zag. Follow it all the way until you come out at the top near a bench on the right with stunning views down the valley. Here you turn left go through a couple of gates and then head north along a hedge. At the end of the hedge the trig point is on the other side of the hedge so find your way over to it so to speak.
Route Summary: Nice little walk that you can easily lengthen. Stunning views down the valley and it is really worth looking round the abbey and church in the village.
My route: 3.57km with 219m height gain in 49mins (GARMIN STATS).


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