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Temps  8 hores 16 minuts

Coordenades 420

Data de pujada 30 / de juny / 2018

Data de realització de juny 2018

2.081 m
1.130 m
14,32 km

Vista 287 vegades, descarregada 10 vegades

a prop de Chamm, Kanton St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Probably one of the nicest walks in Switzerland. Officially, the walk should take a little over 5 hours, although it took us some time longer. Bring ten francs in coins to pay for parking. The drive to the parking area is windy and narrow, but worth it. The hike follows through a protected forest area which claims to have some of the oldest vegetation and greenery anywhere.


There is no cell phone signal on this hike. There was one moment (here documented) where we had a cell phone signal (with data).


At 1985m, this is the highest point in the walk. It is literally all downhill from here!


There is a satellite phone here for emergencies (there is no cell phone signal in this valley), a place where you can sleep, and an excellent restaurant.

Start Murgsee

Parking is ten francs for the day. You must purchase your parking ticket before you drive up to the parking area!


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.