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Temps  5 hores 30 minuts

Coordenades 996

Data de pujada 17 / de novembre / 2014

Data de realització de novembre 2014

883 m
185 m
6,92 km

Vista 448 vegades, descarregada 15 vegades

a prop de Cherry Creek, British Columbia (Canada)

This is the first time we started up the west side of Mt Wesley. The west side was a great hike!! We parked just past Cathedral grove parking lot. We walked on the Chalet rd to the trail markers, up to the railroad tracks, east to the markings to head up to the top of Mt Wesley. The trail was marked well, there was a part up from the track that split up. One trail went to Mt Wesley and the other to Mt Horne. The hike was pretty much a steady climb all the way with a couple of somewhat small up and downs. There were some rope in some places to help. The top was fantastic!! Great views of mountains and from the top, we could see the ocean to the north and Port Alberni inlet to the west. We thought it was a difficult hike, bring poles to help on the down grade. We had a great day whether wise also.

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  • Foto de Rainbird

    Rainbird 20/03/2015

    I went up part of this trail a couple of weeks ago. But we turned left at the fork and went up Mt. Horne instead. But up to that point the trail was very steep!

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