411 m
30 m
12,3 km

Vista 850 vegades, descarregada 10 vegades

a prop de Langford, British Columbia (Canada)

This hike starts at Langford Lake and follows the Ed Nixon trail around the west end of the lake. At the boat launch area cross the road and head for the wooded area. Cross the ENR track and follow a confusing series of poor trails through the woods to Humpback Rd, Pass the reservoir and climb up the steep difficult trail with a couple of exposed ledges and fixed rope sections to the summit of Mt Macdonald. Pictures of the guys by Jim K. The descent follows the service road to the communication towers to a point where the new road turns right and the old road goes down to the left. The road here was taken out in 2010 and the trail chewed up to discourage use and promote re-vegetation. Leaving the wilderness park reserve, at a creek, the trail and then road through private property goes down to Humpback Rd for the return. The alternative trail we took through the woods below Mt Wells has been mangled by new road construction. From the trashed road bed look for a trail to the left up through the woods to return down to Langford Lake.


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