Coordenades 200

Data de pujada 30 / de juny / 2013

2.205 m
1.918 m
11,24 km

Vista 1273 vegades, descarregada 19 vegades

a prop de Thredbo Village, New South Wales (Australia)

This walk we completed Approx 12 months ago after the first serious snowfall for winter. The track was partially covered in spots however due to the perfect weather we had no difficulty along the trail.

From Eagles Nest Restaurant above Thredbo the trail cross's the headwater spring of the mighty Snowy River. The Ram's Head protruding jaggedly to the south before coming into view of the beautiful rounded hump of Mt Kosciuszko.

There are numurious lookouts along the way. Rawson pass come's into view and is Australia's highest public toilet. You then loop northward around the summit before reaching the roof of Australia(and yes this was my proposal).

From the top due to snow cover we literally b-lined directly for Rawson Pass with snow shoes assisting the descent. Retrace your steps back to Eagle's Nest

Mt Kosciuszko Summit


Rawson's Pass


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