Temps en moviment  7 hores 11 minuts

Temps  7 hores 49 minuts

Coordenades 3671

Data de pujada 6 / de desembre / 2017

Data de realització de desembre 2017

2.071 m
463 m
22,93 km

Vista 1236 vegades, descarregada 20 vegades

a prop de Kriens, Kanton Luzern (Switzerland)

I started the trekking in the public parking that exists at the foot of the cable car station in Kriens, small village next to Lucern.
My initial idea was to climb the whole mountain, hiking to the summit. But this was not possible because of the weather. It was December and unfortunately there was a lot of snow, and the final part of the trail, after the Frakmunksegg station, was closed. Then, the last few meters I was forced to do using the cable car.
Anyway, it was an amazing hiking, of infinite beauty.


Pilatus (also often referred to Mount Pilatus) is a mountain massif overlooking Lucerne in Central Switzerland. It is composed of several peaks, of which the highest (2,128 m (6,982 ft)) is named Tomlishorn and is located about 1.3 km (0.81 mi) to the southeast of the top cable car and cog railway station. The two peaks right next to the stations are called Esel (Donkey, 2,118 m (6,949 ft)), which lies just east over the railway station, the one on the west side is called Oberhaupt (Head-Leader, 2,105 m (6,906 ft)). Jurisdiction over the massif is divided between the cantons of Obwalden (OW), Nidwalden (NW), and Lucerne (LU). The main peaks are right on the border between Obwalden and Nidwalden.

Veure més external

The trail begins in the parking of the cable car, at Kriens, beside Lucern.
Second cable car station.


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