8,29 km

Desnivell positiu

597 m

Dificultat tècnica


Desnivell negatiu

597 m

Altitud màxima

2.833 m



Altitud mínima

2.227 m

Tipus de ruta

  • Foto de Mount Armaghan
  • Foto de Mount Armaghan
  • Foto de Mount Armaghan
  • Foto de Mount Armaghan
  • Foto de Mount Armaghan
  • Foto de Mount Armaghan


3 hores 22 minuts



Data de pujada

13 de novembre de 2015

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de juny 2015


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2.833 m
2.227 m
8,29 km

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a prop de Madina, Gegharkʼunikʼ (አርሜኒያ)

Hiking trail description
This trail is located on Mt. Armaghan in the Gegharkunik province. Mt. Armaghan is an extinct volcano, in the Gegham Mountain Ridge, with an altitude of 2,829m, and a small lake – 150m in diameter and 15m deep – partially fills its volcanic crater.
In contrast to the arid, semi-desert landscapes of Southern Armenia, the Gegham Mountains are green and lush, overlooking the Vardenis plateau and Sevan, the largest lake in Armenia.
Upper Getashen village is nearby, 20 km away from Martuni and almost 50km away from Gavar, the capital of the province.
The hike starts from the Argitchi River Valley.

Monuments description
In 2009, a domed church of smooth basalt was built on the site of an old chapel, on the peak of the mountain.

According to legend, celestial fairies sometimes descend on the mountain peak to drink water from the lake. Fog signals their arrival, shrouding the mountain in their presence, so they remain hidden.

There is a beautiful small pond in the valley, which grows due to snow-melt in the months of May and June. Alpine vegetation and flowers carpet its shores, while lush fields of grass and flowers cover the lower slopes. There are not many species of plants on the lower slopes, with only a few types of short stemmed blue and pink forget-me-nots, star-flowers, and bell-flowers among others. Higher up, however, the vegetation is much more varied.

Many animal species including brown bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits, and mice, birds such as vultures and eagles, as well as varied butterflies, insects and beetles can be found on the mountain slopes. During the warm months, a wide variety of water birds also migrate here.

Safety and Security
Mobile telephone coverage is available on the lower slopes of Mt. Armaghan, and the 911 emergency service operates throughout Armenia in case of any accidents.
Be aware of rapid changes in weather, especially in spring, as lightning storms are common. Hiking on the mountain in gloomy and rainy weather is not recommended.
Be sure to bring bottled water!

Technical parameters
Best period: May -October
Distance: 135km from Yerevan
Duration: 2 hour 30 minutes
Hiking trail length: 4km
Walk duration: 3 hours
Altitude from Sea Level: 2220 - 2,829 m
Existing Trail Surface: 10% existing, 90% easily discernible

How to Get There
In order to reach Mt. Armaghan, the most convenient option is to take a taxi from Yerevan to the valley of Argitchi River, near Madina village. It is better to take a taxi with a working meter (be sure the driver uses it), or agree on a price beforehand.
There are also buses to Martuni that leave from the Northern Bus Station. Check with the drivers/passengers to find out where they are going and if they can drop you off near Madina, or use public transportation to get there.
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002 Crater lake

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003 Church Armaghani srbutyun

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004 The top of Mount Armaghan

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