Temps en moviment  una hora 38 minuts

Temps  2 hores 57 minuts

Coordenades 911

Data de pujada 28 / de febrer / 2019

Data de realització de febrer 2019

238 m
53 m
5,05 km

Vista 100 vegades, descarregada 4 vegades

a prop de Crofton, British Columbia (Canada)

This hike is along the Blue Trail on Maple Mountain in the CVRD's Osborne Bay Regional Park. It passes through some pretty woodlands, past a waterfall (seasonal) and then climbs about half way up the mountain before levelling off at a couple of view points.

The hike is through relatively open forest canopy. There is lots of maple near the bottom with a few very old specimens, quite a few mature ones & lots of juveniles. There are also many towering cedars. As you ascend the forest changes to fir, mostly small, with a few arbutus mixed in.

In the lower section there is ample evidence that a forest fire passed through the area.

The trail itself has rustic half sawn log bridges crossing streams/gullies. On the day of this hike, one crossed a fairly lively stream tumbling down from the mountain above.

Along the upper sections of the trail, there are peakaboo views eastward to the gulf Islands. There is one viewpoint looking down into Crofton harbour where marine activity servicing the Crofton mill can be seen. Another where we stopped for lunch looks over to Mt. Erskine on Saltspring Island.

The CVRD has a website for the park (www.cvrd.bc.ca/122/Osborne-Bay-Park) but the trail map shown there seems out of date or incomplete. There are many more trails on the Mountain than are shown on the map. The trails are relatively well marked with coloured blazes on the trees and some signage.

Retreads Hiking Club gives this hike an AVA rating of 3 C.

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