Temps  16 hores 36 minuts

Coordenades 3124

Data de pujada 1 / de juliol / 2014

Data de realització d’agost 2013

2.562 m
975 m
26,74 km

Vista 4810 vegades, descarregada 143 vegades

a prop de Vusanje (Montenegro)

From Vusanje a well trodden path leads to a group of houses (Zurnice, Zarunica) and then to an isolated shelter (Fus Sirma). Here it becomes steeper, but only for a while, before approaching the border ridge on wide, idyllic meadows around Qafa e Borit. Optional detour to a border mark and to a close lookout for a first acquaintance with the Albanian side. Next comes the ascent to the saddle (Qafa e Kollates) between Zla Kolata (Kolata e Keq, 2534) and Dobra Kolata (Kolata e Mirë, 2528). In the track you also find the easy return detour to the latter summit. From the saddle one continues further on to the bulky main summit (Podi e Kollates, 2556), lying entirely on the Albanian side. In the track you also find the descent, along the S ridge of the main summit, to a gorgeous lookout on the Valbonë.
I discovered the latter lookout searching at home by Google Earth. So, in a certain sense, this is for me the first itinerary planned in advance by means of Google Earth. Of course the terrain is far more complex in the reality than in the rendering, but as far as the value of the lookout is concerned, I have to say that the reality was very similar to the predictions.

Veure més external

The mosque marks the center of the little village.
One of the most gorgeous lookouts that one can imagine. I located it at home via Google Earth!
Near the Vodopad (waterfall) there are some gazebos which are very useful in case of rain!
Little left of the path. I do not know the name of the cave, but it is indeed worth a visit.
The "icy cave" is signposted and close to the path
You see something of Valbona from here
A "katun", that is a little shelter
Little group of houses, seemingly no longer inhabited.
In Albanian Kolata e Mire
Saddle between Dobra Kolata and Zla Kolata, the two summits lying on the state border.
More precisely, Podi e Kollates. The main summit of the mountain lies in Albanian territory.
Marks the saddle on the border

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