Coordenades 1035

Data de pujada 27 / de maig / 2013

Data de realització d’agost 2010

2.731 m
1.705 m
10,91 km

Vista 6807 vegades, descarregada 117 vegades

a prop de Šipkovica, Tetovo (Македонија)

Traditional hiking on Titov vrv 2747m is holding each year around 25. May, day which was celebrated in former Yugoslavia as Marshal Tito birthday. Route is quite demanding. It took me some 4.5 h to peak and 4.0 h decent. Weather was pretty nice until final climb to peak. Than strong wind with snow started and last all way back.
refugi lliure

Popova Sapka-start

Route starts from Popova sapka - skii center

Titov Vrh 2747

Named by president of former Yugoslavia Marchall Tito

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  • Foto de Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 29/05/2013

    Congratulation! - did you do this year or in 2010? Cheers

  • Foto de Kralj

    Kralj 29/05/2013

    I did it few days ago, on Sunday 26. May 2013. Although I charged them before trip my bateries for photo were not full enough so I removed full one from garmin and replaced them with some cheap I bought in local shop. Unfortunately it was enough only to record some 4/5 of the trail :( On the other hand I have some really nice photos:) I merged what I had with one existing trail so to show entire route. Therefore date is 2010. Nevertheless, I did try earlier to climb Titov peak. It was in 2011. That time I managed to reach only half of the trail because day earlier I climbed another peak on Sara (Kobilica 2528m) and was completely exosted. This time I focused only on main summit (Titiv vrh) and managed :)

  • Senje 06/04/2014


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