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a prop de Salmon River, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

The mighty Big Salmon River collects water from many tributaries before emptying into the Bay of Fundy. Little Rody Brook is one such tributary which churns its way through a 150m deep gorge narrowing in places to just a few meters between cliff walls. Rugged terrain reflected in map contours, a promising clue to waterfalls was enough to draw me in, so once again Milo and I head out for another Fundy adventure!
A remote 3m waterfall with a large plunge pool that entices you to take a dip.
Another large plunge pool at the base of this block type waterfall which happens to have remnants of an old log style bridge still in place.
Photos don't do justice to this spectacular three tiered waterfall. Each tier approximately 10m in height plunges into a pool before spilling out to the next tier. At the base is a very large plunge pool which is quite difficult to access.
A narrow cascading waterfall tumbles 5m into a large plunge pool and then the brook immediately changes direction spilling another three meters to form a second waterfall.
Yet another beautiful double tier cascading waterfall.
Before heading out of the gorge a final waterfall emerges a little further upstream making a total of six beauties in just 1km.


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