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a prop de Saint Ishmael’s, Wales (United Kingdom)

This short hike takes you to the beach at Lindsway Bay. This is a beautiful beach with cliffs on all sides for which you have to descend a steep path which is not suited for small children and people with vertigo, and requires caution for others. The start is on a small parking area on the asphalt road from St. Ishmael's to Sandy Haven/Skerryback. You first take a broad track through the fields with a view of the refinery at Milford Haven in the distance. After going through a small wooded valley you reach the coast and follow the Pembrokeshire Coast Path west. After a short while you encounter a sign warning you for the steep steps and unprotected drops (see waypoint) and you descend to the beach with caution. After your visit to the beach you climb the same steep path back up and continue west until you get to a bench with a view. Here a small asphalted track takes you towards St. Ishmael's, first through the fields, and then along a football and cricket field. At the end of the path you are on the outside of St. Ishmael's and you turn right and follow the asphalt road back to the start.
There are no facilities except for toilets at the cricket field. The beach is best not visited at high-tide as all the sand has then disappeared below the water. The path is marked easy, but the descend to the beach and climbing the boulders at the foot of the path requires caution.


At the bench you can enjoy the view one more time before turning inland on a small asphalt track through the fields and along the cricket field towards St. Ishmael's.

Lindsway Bay

The beach at Lindsway Bay is quiet and beautiful (even when it is grey weather).


There is room for a few cars next to the small asphalt road. A sign indicates the way to the Coast Path. You have a view of the refinery at Milford Haven.

St. Ishmael's

Here you are on the edge of the village. There is a toilet building here next to the cricket field. If you want you can walk into the village to visit the pub (about 500 m from here).

Steep Path to Beach

The sign at the entrance speaks for itself.... There is no fencing and the drops are steep, so be careful descending and climbing it. At the foot of the path you need to cross large boulders before you get to the sand. This path is not suited for everyone.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.