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a prop de Le Lignon, Canton de Genève (Swiss Confederation)

Nice and easy walk from Lignon (Vernier)to Peney Dessous, following the Rhone river through well indicated path. Path might be very muddy and slippery during rainy days.

From Peney Dessous to Satigny following the shore of Nant d'Abril. In Satigny, it's better to follow the signals and don't try to short cut the road trough the path that appears in some maps (we wrongly walked through private property).

Once in Moulin Fabry, follow the marked path close to the Allondon, which can be again very muddy and slippery. The track of the Allondon was not so clear to us after Les Baillets due to the vegetation, so we climbed back to the road and continue on it until Russin.


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