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a prop de Saint-Louis, Guadeloupe (Guadeloupe)

This was an easy hike.
It took about 3-1/2 hours. We stopped for lunch and paused Wikiloc, but the time of 5h37m includes our lunch!
On this hike, the only challenges were one narrow ledge area near the ravine, one steepish down hill, a small easy rocky area along the beach... all of which were easy to manage.
Three points worth mentioning:
(1) I would not recommend doing this on a rainy day as there are many Mancheoneel trees lining and canopying many parts of the trail!
(2) If the tide is high, you may need to walk along the road v.s. the beach if you do not want wet shoes!
(3) There are Mangrove areas that post rain might make it challenging to keep those shoes dry.

We began from the dinghy dock in town walking North on the street D205. The trail head was not marked. It was North of the restaurant Eden Voile and just at the base of the hill en route to View de la Belle Hotesse.
The start of the trail in not groomed well, however, it is perfectly groomed once you get underway.
The trail takes you through varied terrain... from mangrove to beach to hill climb (not too steep) to beach... across main road, back through a mangrove... to a viewing point of the River Vieux Fort... on to a secondary road... passing by fruit trees and sugar fields... some nice views.. eventually back to the main road.
A nice day's outing!!!


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.