Temps  6 hores 30 minuts

Coordenades 1107

Data de pujada 9 / de desembre / 2013

Data de realització de desembre 2013

928 m
524 m
13,02 km

Vista 3311 vegades, descarregada 56 vegades

a prop de Springbrook, Queensland (Australia)

A BBW lead hike - thanks Jarrah. This trail is accessed via the Coomera Falls circuit were descent is via the steep cliffs approx 1km down stream of the falls. Relatively off track where GPS is useless therefore should only be attempted with someone who has completed this hike.

If making the falls it is beautiful to ponder up from below. I am happy to answer questions if you have any.


Binna Burra trailhead


Gorge walk trail mark


Creek trailhead up

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  • thaleshalfeld 20/08/2018

    Hi mate, how are u? After arriving at the creek, do I need to follow it to get to the base of the waterfall or do I have to climb the trail again? Thanks!

  • Foto de Shatkins

    Shatkins 20/08/2018

    Hi thaleshalfeld, at the waypoint 'Creek trailhead up' you rock hop south (left) up to the head of the gorge (waterfall). There is no track and at the waterfall it is impossible to gain access to the graded track system other than retracing your steps. This is the only access down into Commera Gorge. On the way in after leaving the Commera Circuit to follow the mystery track it is all off track. The mystery track is not really a track. Depending on current use over the season, will determine how defined the track is, if at all.

  • thaleshalfeld 21/08/2018

    Thank you Shatkins and Collin. I appreciate your help :)

  • Foto de Shatkins

    Shatkins 21/08/2018

    You can also canyon down the gorge from the top (A little birdy told me!!)

  • Foto de Chris Hall

    Chris Hall 15/02/2019

    Hi Lukeyglasso,
    Wondering if you wouldn't mind taking this hike off the public Wikiloc access ? The Senior Ranger is going to close it down, again, and mark it as such. Here is some of his message below:
    "The Mystery Track at Binna Burra which was officially closed in the eighties is the latest hotspot being promoted on social media and through walking groups such as Meet Up. A section of the old route was impacted by landslide several years ago and a new route to avoid this area has developed in very steep area and the resultant erosion is negatively impacting the key values of this world heritage listed park. A number of unauthorised ropes have been installed to assist people climb up and down the steep sections in places which is against QPWS policies and poses a potential safety risk for users and QPWS."
    I'm also advising the other 4 Wikiloc users so that we assist the Rangers in their already heavy workload.

  • Mitchell foye 10/08/2019

    I did this hike and was buggered for 2 days afterward. Yes there are some steep sections and isolated too. But the only navigation hastles were coming back up, you want plenty of daylight hours to see the pink ribbons and TELL SOMEONE your plans. Wet weather, too slippery. Sunny weather slippery enough.

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