Temps  5 hores 35 minuts

Coordenades 760

Data de pujada 10 / de juny / 2018

Data de realització de maig 2018

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631 m
239 m
14,5 km

Vista 3310 vegades, descarregada 221 vegades

a prop de Edale, England (United Kingdom)

A fantastic 9 mile walk, this was feature on ITV as one of the top 100 walks in Britain. With Impressive views and unique and memorable landscapes around every corner, I can see why this walk was included in the ITV's list. This appears to be a Peak District Walk and so you probably won't be alone.

The walk starts from popular village of Edale. There is plenty of parking with a charge here and public toilets. There are a couple of pubs, cafe and a local shop as well as a couple camp sites and a railway station.

From the village head up the hill, under the railway bridge and past the Rambler Inn towards the church. Turn right at the end of the road before the private drive and across the wooden bridge. After a short way bear right and head towards the Nab.

Follow the path up to Nether Tor, around to Upper Tor. Then onto Crowden Tower towards Edale Head. At Edale Cross the trail turns and heads back to Edale via the step steps of Jacob's Tower to join the Pennine Way.

KS18 Car Park

Punt d'interès

KS18 Jacob's Ladder

Punt d'interès

KS18 The Nab

Punt d'interès

KS18 Upper Tor

Punt d'interès

KS18 Wooden Bridge

Cross here

5 comentaris

  • Foto de d-chavez

    d-chavez 12/11/2018

    He fet aquesta ruta  verificat  veure detalls

    I was glad that I had downloaded this trail, as the terrain at the top of the plateau can be highly treacherous and confusing. I did this hike in a wet and windy morning with very poor visibility. Beautiful walk even in cold and rainy days.

  • Floris van Rutten 19/01/2019

    Wonderful walk. Vigilance is required, especially in winter with snow, since there's quite a lot of ice and the paths can be hidden.

  • Foto de katie.melville

    katie.melville 09/07/2019

    He fet aquesta ruta  veure detalls

    Great walk, really enjoyed it, plenty of different terrain

  • Foto de d zacharas

    d zacharas 08/06/2020

    He fet aquesta ruta  verificat  veure detalls

    Great walk. Beautiful views.

  • joao.zenha 28/06/2020

    He fet aquesta ruta  veure detalls


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