Temps  2 hores 10 minuts

Coordenades 7838

Data de pujada 16 / d’octubre / 2017

Data de realització d’octubre 2017

372 m
4 m
7,19 km

Vista 1331 vegades, descarregada 42 vegades

a prop de Kamari, South Aegean (Greece)

Hike from Kamari ti Ancient Thira (via the hiking path to Zoodochos Spring) and down to Perissa on the other side. We used local buses to get to Kamari from Thyra and to go from Perissa back to Thyra. Nice and fairly easy hike including Ancient Thyra site (4E/person, open 8AM-3PM).

Kamari beach

Lloc religiós

Zoodochos Spring


Ancient Thira entrance


Ancient Thira

Lloc religiós

Church of Panagia Katefiani


Perissa beach

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  • Foto de Michael Tilley

    Michael Tilley 02/07/2019

    I don't think it's that easy having done it.
    I also think it's better to it from Perissa to Kamari as the start of the trail is easier to find in Perissa than Kamari.

Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.