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Coordenades 546

Data de pujada 30 / d’abril / 2018

Data de realització de novembre 2017

1.313 m
915 m
5,79 km

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a prop de Shōji, Yamanashi (Japan)


To reach the starting point of the trail, I took a bus from the Kawaguchiko Station for the stop パノラマ台下. After a moderate climb along the trail, I reached the viewing platform and the view there was stunning. I could see three of the Fuji Five Lakes from up there, including Shojiko Lake, Motosuko Lake and Saiko Lake (this one a bit far away though). The highest peak in Japan, the Fuji Mountain, was just right in front of me. After that, I went down to Motosuko Lake, passing by Mountain Eboshi on the way. I then followed the main road Motosu-michi to reach the Motosuko Tourist Information Centre, where I found restaurants nearby for refreshment and bus to take me back to Shoji Lake (or Kawaguchiko Station if you like).

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