Temps en moviment  6 hores 30 minuts

Temps  8 hores 40 minuts

Coordenades 3470

Data de pujada 15 / d’agost / 2018

Data de realització d’agost 2018

3.051 m
797 m
19,07 km

Vista 633 vegades, descarregada 18 vegades

a prop de Nahr ed Dahab, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

From Nahr El Dahab entrance to Mar Geryes (Yahchouch) then to Ibri. The trail from Mar Geryes to Ibri is not fully clear. Pay attention to go to the right before arriving to "The Cliff" camping site. The trail from Ibri to Broqta still needs lot of cleaning and signs, Find carefully the path. it is easy to get lost at some parts. After joining " Baydar el Chawk" trail, the path is well marked especially the relatively new trail from old houses to Nahr el Dahab. If you are hiking during this summer season, be aware that it is too hot. Have lot of water and protect yourself from the sun. Enjoy!

NB: There was a bug in the gps ascent recording. The approximate total ascent is 1080 m. The highest elevation reached was 1470 m and not 3051 m.
Kaff el Debb trail


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.