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a prop de Grund, Kanton Bern (Swiss Confederation)

Innertkirchen - Gental - Engstlenalp - Jochpass - Trübsee - Engelberg

After a fairly steep incline from Innertkirchen (alt 600m to 1200m on 4.5kms) you reach the beautiful and peaceful Gental. The trail continues in the valley next to the stream called Gentalwasser with several springs bursting out of the cliffs towering both sides of the valley. After a few kilometers, the trail gets off the limited use road (narrow dead-end road with a daily entrance fee charged) and continues on the meadows and in the forests as it climbs up to Engstlenalp (1800m).
Engstlenalp is a good point of return, you may also take the Postbus (Postauto) from here back to Innertkirchen if you don't want to get over Jochpass to Engelberg.
From Engstlenalp the trail continues next to the Engstlensee and goes up to Jochpass (2200m). In case you want to save some energy you may take the chairlift up to Jochpass too.
The trail continues from Jochpass down to the Trübsee lake and then all the way to Engelberg.
There are also chairlift and cable car options from Jochpass to Trübsee and from Trübsee to Engelberg if you got exhausted.


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