1.878 m
1.091 m
11,05 km

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a prop de Brunni, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

Great hike of a vertically imposing craggy ‘minor’ Swiss peak about an hour from Zurich. This is a 10km round trip hike with 787m of height gain. We did the trip in a sedate 3hr 46m with 2hr 42m moving time. This is a superb craggy but steep climb with 47 S bends on the trail (marked by chalk). It really is a great outing with superb views. The trail is flanked with chains for most of the way but nowhere is it really exposed. There is a lovely 1m wide arete near the summit but even this is flanked both sides with chain rails. The summit is marked by a white cross and there is a small helicopter supplied cafe on top as well. We did it in May in perfect weather without too much of a crowd on the way up as this must be a busy peak....for a good reason. One of the finest low peaks in Switzerland.


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