Coordenades 162

Data de pujada 9 / d’octubre / 2012

Data de realització d’octubre 2012

193 m
0 m
20,11 km

Vista 630 vegades, descarregada 1 vegades

a prop de Gourock, Scotland (United Kingdom)

09-OCT-12. This includes a 2.7km Clyde ferry crossing to pick up the end of our walk from Stranraer. The first part of the walk is on excellent paths, some not on the OS map but shown on Argyll & Bute Councils core path website. The latter part is shown on a minor road, but this is actually a heavyweight Ministry of Defence road, presumably for carrying nuclear weapons to Coulport. As such it is wide, straight and fast, and with a surprising amount of traffic. It has a wide mown verge at the side which is easy for walking, but it's really not as pleasant is it appears on the map. Unfortunately we couldn't find a short cut path down from this road to Garelochhead. Overall, not a bad walk.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.