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a prop de Steinenberg, Canton de Berne (Swiss Confederation)

Day 7 in the Bernese Oberland
From Gspalterhorn hut to Bluemlisalp hut, then going to the Bundstock peak and to the Bluemlisap glacier.
This track is missing the first 1 kilometre (300 metres down) but the paths are clearly mark in the terrain.
From Gspalterhorn hut, there are 2 paths down the valley direction to Griesalp. The most interesting is the one that goes closer to the bottom of the valley, passing by the glacier mixed with rocks, stones and sands. This mixture make this walk amazing, first thinking you are looking at the mountain then realizing is all ice mixed with soil. In some parts the glacier has collapsed creating ice/soil caves, in others the soil has collapsed in caverns created by the glacier water, sometimes you are just walking by a piece of glacier covered by sand...
This path is also good if you are heading to the Hohturli pass (by the Bluemlisapl hut) and want to do it the fastest way, since you do not have to go down to the valley of Gamchi to go up again.
Once you reach the path that goes up to the Hohturli pass, take a breath as this is a very step path up that seems it never ends. Luckily there are steps at the very end that helps. The pass mark another great view, but the Bluemlisalp hut is just a 100 meters above, so keep going for a rewarding rest and views.
From the hut, there is an easy walk that I strongly recommend (marked in this track) that goes to a couple of peaks , offering exceptional views of the surroundings. From the Hohturli, go down the direction to Oeschinensee and after few minutes follow a path to the right that joins the ridge, instead of continuing down. This one is marked with white-blue-white marks. It is just one hour in each direction, but the views are phenomenal from the table like top of the Bundstock (somehow this mountain is not very high but it is in the middle) including the Oeschinensee and the Bluelisalp glacier with the Wildi Frau in the middle.
Back to the hut, another 5 minutes walking behind the it will take you to the glacier, also in impressive experience.


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