11,04 km

Desnivell positiu

578 m

Dificultat tècnica


Desnivell negatiu

578 m

Altitud màxima

839 m



Altitud mínima

257 m

Tipus de ruta

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Temps en moviment

3 hores un minut


3 hores 28 minuts



Data de pujada

13 de gener de 2022

Data de realització

de gener 2022

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Cerca per Zona de Pas Cerca per Zona de Pas
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839 m
257 m
11,04 km

Vista 157 vegades, descarregada 1 vegades

a prop de Aviemore, Scotland (United Kingdom)

This walk starts just above Lynwilg. Follow the road up to find a small parking space just outside the Christian SU centre. The path goes to the right and follows a good track up beyond the centre. This is the Burma road which was built by prisoners of war. The track is wide and would be good for mountain biking although it was quite wet and muddy at time of writing. The path to the summit branches off the main path just before the cairn which commemorates Alistair Polson. Again the path is wide and easily followed. A trig point within a small wall circle can offer some shelter. The walk back is all downhill which again would be good for biking and if suitably snow cover ski touring.
It should be noted that the writer followed a path which goes through the SU centre grounds. No one objected but I think it would have been more sensible to follow the track described which we didn't find until on our way down.


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  • Foto de Summit
Punt d’informació

Information point

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