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a prop de Ch’ojang-dong, Busan (South Korea)

1. Gamcheon Culture Village

Location : 200 Gamnae 1-ro, Saha-gu (Gamcheon-dong)
Inquiry : +82-51-293-3443
General Information

Gamcheon Culture Village is established as a collective housing by Tageukdo Sinangchon followers in 1950s and refugees of the Korean War. They boast a unique view of the orderly terraced collective housing units along the mountain edge and maze-like alleyways that lead to all the paths there. The venue offers an experience recreated by local residents, including touring of artworks around alleys.

2. Amnam Park
Amnam Park is covered with a dense pine forest set against a backdrop of the sea with small boats floating on the surface. The park offers a great view of the coastline, located in San 193, Amnam-dong around Jinjeongsan Mountain. When completely surrounded by its thick forest, visitors can feel refreshed by walking through the lush green foliage as they gaze out at the open sea or view the cliffs formed of diversely-shaped boulders.

Coast traill
Coastal Walk is a 1 meter-wide, 800 meter-long track that connects Songdo Beach and Amnam Park, a walking distance of about 20 minutes. It offers a view of Songdo’s coastline dotted with boats and sedimentary rock cliffs that have been formed over a hundred million years ago.

3. Songdo Beach
Songdo Beach is Korea’s first beach in the modern sense. Also known as the Naples of Asia, the beach’s popularity began to soar during the 60s and 80s. The beautiful coastline is frequented by tourists all year round. Songdo Beach has recently been refurbished as a sea-side park. Offshore breakwaters and underwater breakwaters protect the beach from yearly typhoons and to prevent loss of beach sand.
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Amnamgongwon-Ro 및 도로

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Galmaesgil 및 소로

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Gamcheon culture village1

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Mt. cheon-ma

Beacon Fire Station and sculpture park at the Mt. cheon-ma.
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Cheon-ma obgervatory

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Songdohaebyeonlo 및 Galmaesgil

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소로 및 Amnamgongwonno


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