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a prop de Llanfachreth, Wales (United Kingdom)

Foel Offrwm, 405m.
Adjacent to the popular ‘Precipice Walk’ on the back roads near Dolgellau is another Marilyn. Parking at the Precipice car park, there is quite a lot of room and toilets. No charge. I would imagine it will get busy in high season but not today on a Sunday. It was half full.
Anyway Foel Offrwm is on private land but it is marked on OS maps in orange and thus to me subject to Open Access. There is a trail round it, half way up it but not all the way up it. There is a sign to the effect that you can follow the trail to the wooden viewing bench half way up but no further and this is subject to permission between Snowdonia NP and the landowner. The trails are also work in progress. In my view there is no need for any authority or agreement to hike on any OA land??
Start on the trail opposite the car park and head North on a distinct trail. It is marked. I soon ran out of trail and just headed uphill. It was no problem and somewhere along the line I ended back on the trail and at this viewing bench. I carried on uphill and ended up on the summit cairn (large) and fort (nothing of note) at the summit. There are good views from there, not on my particular day of visiting but I did get some atmospheric pictures!
To come down I decided to make a loop of it and just headed off downhill to the South before heading West steeply downhill towards Nannau Home Farm. I ended up in some woods and came out in a field where there was no exit from except by mounting the fence onto the road (bit of a drop off the wall). Yes, I didn’t like doing this but I am entitled to do this to egress from OA land! Once on the road head North back to the car park.
Route Summary: Private land but designated on OS as Open Access (OA) land. Mix of distinct trails, no trails with few styles and no exit from land of note?
Route Statistics: 3.3kms with 210m of ascent done in 1hr.


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