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Data de pujada 26 / de maig / 2018

Data de realització de maig 2018

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a prop de Aïn es Sihha, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Kneisseh mountain is one of my favorites destinations. Sceneries are stunning in all seasons! We parked at the "first lebanese flag" place (Falougha). Beautiful and easy ascent to the summit of Kneisseh mountain following dirt paths and off-trail hills ups and downs for more ascent. At the waypoint "View over Zahle", an amazing view over bekaa can be the best place for a lunch break. At this time of the year, the sceneries are amazing especially the flowers and the beautiful artificial lakes of Falougha and Kfarselwan. The steep descent (see waypoint) should be done with caution because there is no trail and you have to find your way down (This is easy for "good" hikers). The final part of the hike is part of the lebanon mountain trail (LMT).

3 comentaris

  • Foto de youssefnasser

    youssefnasser 09/12/2018

    He fet aquesta ruta  veure detalls

    Love it!

  • Foto de Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 09/12/2018

    Im happy you loved it Youssef! Keep hiking :)

  • Foto de akesserwani

    akesserwani 08/04/2019

    He fet aquesta ruta  verificat  veure detalls

    Thank you for the amazing trail. But this winter has been a harsh one i just did the trail and it was extremely difficult as the snow completely engulfs the trail. One has to be experienced to find a safe way through

Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.